Gemina Unfilled Vein Cut

Marble Turkey

Marble is metamorphosed limestone and dolomitic limestones under heat and pressure, resulting in a new structure as a result of recrystallization, hence all kinds of rocks that can be cut

Gemina Travertine Extra Light Emperador

Travertine Turkey

Travertine is a kind of limestone precipitated by hot mineral springs called karst. The water movement from the springs abrades the travertine, creating cavities in the stones structure. The structure

Gemina Basalt Cubes

Basalt Turkey

Basalt is one of the volcanic rock masses. It is in black color and is in concentrated heaps. It is found in the state as mass, vein and stream. Since

Gemina Black Onyx

Onyx Turkey

Onyx stone, a type of calcinedon, is formed by the combination of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, copper, iron oxide and fluorine minerals, which is the cause of the boiling of

Gemina Granite Light Rose

Granite Turkey

Granite is natural magma rocks formed by the combination of various minerals such as quartz, feldspar and mica during the geological formation periods of millions of years. Granite has a

Limestone Tiles in Turkey

Limestone Tiles Turkey

The limestone is produced as tiles are preferred due to their color and decorative features. Limestone tiles are used intensively in facade coatings for indoors and outdoors. Limestone tiles’ dimensions