Reinforcing Bar Manufacturer

Reinforcing Bar Manufacturer

Rebar Manufacturer Turkey

Ferrous steel deformed & reinforcing bar, also commonly called rebar, is used to reinforce concrete and masonry structures, strengthening and holding concrete. It is most often formed with a patterned surface (usually described as a deformed bar) to create a better bond with the concrete poured around it. There are no official deforming patterns, but the spacing, number, and height of the marks is standardized and incorporated into the basic debar Debar and Rebar Supplier, Exporter and Manufacturer in Turkey standards. There are also plain bars, but these are used in only the most specific ways. You can contact with Gemina Trade for the best deformed & Reinforcing Bar Exporter, Manufacturer, and suppliers in Turkey.

Rebar and Debar manufacturer is known as a tensioning device because it holds the concrete in a compressed state. Concrete is a very strong material when it is in compression, but it has almost no strength where carrying tensile loads is concerned. To overcome this, rebar is cast in poured concrete to carry these loads. Additionally, the design of the rods typically includes the deformity (in the form of heavy ridge patterns) that further support the binding of the Rebar Exporter, Rebar Manufacturer or Rebar Manufacturer supplier to the concrete.

Deformed Bar Manufacturer standards are identified by the following:

  • The letter or symbol of the producer’s mill will be rolled into the rebar.
  • The size of the bar is rolled into the rebar and appears as a numeral.
  • The symbol for the type of steel pipe manufacturer (These are limited to S – carbon steel, I – rail steel, A – axle steel, W – low alloy steel, IR – rail meeting, SS – stainless steel, CS – low carbon chromium)
  • The grade of the rebar will be signified (40, 60, 75, 80, 100 or 120), or the addition of one, two, three or four lines that must be five deformations long will appear

Clearly, the markings do more than tag the deformations. In fact, each marking system provides details about the manufacturing and composition of each bar of reinforcing steel. The standards and grades available include ASTM International sizes and standards which are Imperial sizes, but there are metric equivalents too. EN 10080 metric designations are also available in addition to Canadian grades and sizes.

American builders and buyers will use the following grades and sizes

Bar #Diameter in inchesMetric #

There are also three grades of Imperial size that have metric equivalents:

Inch gradeMetric gradePounds per square inchMegapascals

There are many rules and guidelines for using various grades, and the following are applicable ASTM Standards by Grade:

40 & 506075300 & 350420520
IRRail Meeting Supplementary
Requirements S1

European builders and buyers will use EN10800 metric designations. These appear as a K followed by the mass of the bar in kilograms, per one meter of length. For instance, K3 weighs three kilograms per meter.

Canadian Rebar Supplier identify with a symbol for the mill followed size of the bar. This will feature numerals and then the grade symbol.

Historically, rebar Turkey has only been in use since the 1400s. And the use of ferrous steel introduced to eliminate the risks of corrosion. Though it is possible to find other metals or grades, it is steel Rebar manufacturer, rebar exporters in Turkey that Geminatrade has available. All standard sizes & grades are in stock. We produced in top quality mills for debar Turkey, the European Union and Asia.