Pumice Turkey

Pumice Turkey

We are leading exporter of Pumice Stone from Turkey.

Pumice is a porous volcanic Stone used in textile, construction, cosmetics and agriculture.

Pumice has extremely suitable physical and chemical characteristics for stone washing process of garments. It is used widely in denim industry. With the availability of smaller grades of pumice, and development in washing techniques, pumice now is used in the finishing of much lighter fabrics as well.

In construction industry, pumice is used as construction material. Pumice aggregate is used to produce light weight , economical building materials with excellent isolation features.

In agriculture, pumice has unique benefits. Pumice is a highly vesicular, volcanic glass consisting mainly of silica SiO2. The high silica content (%70 per g/100g) positively affects the quality of pumice increasing the hardness of the material and its resistance to chemical attack. It is permeable and highly absorbent. It has excellent drainage characteristics similar to coarse sand. The use of pumice in agriculture reduces the weight of clayey grounds and due to the slow and uniform release of water previously absorbed by pumice particles, it enables to save on the cost of irrigation systems. It also enables a perfect rooting of plants and a very good drainage favoring a natural cultivation cycle.